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Hi, my name is Petra.  I am a publisher, graphics designer, video producer [post production], author and consultant.  Feel free to connect with me any time using the 'contact me' tab on the right if you want to order any of my products or services.

Yes I LOVE bats!!

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Hi Sherry,

My results with the Great Taste No Pain quick start plan in 4 days have been great. I am not having headaches, which I usually have just about every day! I have TMJ and a straight neck (You’re supposed to have a curve.) I also don’t wear my glasses all the time, which I should. So I have many different reasons for the headaches. I think the correct food choices have really helped me in relaxing the muscles, yet not feeling tired. The food was great. The simplicity of the foods, I think is key. The processed stuff that we buy at the store is filled with so much junk it’s like having your own science project in your body. I also noticed that my skin has cleared up. I get some patchy areas which seem to flair up when I eat the wrong foods. Being a certified fitness instructor, I know what I’m supposed to be eating but I am terrible at practicing what I preach. To keep weight off I just exercised more! In the last few years I had gotten away from exercising as much and at 44, the weight had started to come!! I don’t have any current clients to keep ME motivated!! I also noticed that I was more regular and not constipated. I have a history of colon cancer in my family so for me this is the greatest! My stomach usually makes a bunch of noise and “all is quiet on the home front now!” I love that because it is really embarrassing, and it was getting worse.

For me the best thing was just having a guide in front of me to remind me of the things I already knew. The spinach recipes were great. The carrot and cilantro soup was awesome. I added extra cilantro because I am a cilantro fanatic. My husband even likes these recipes and he doesn’t like any type of “diet” or “program.” The recipes fit easily into the course of a regular day. I did regular eggs instead of the frittata but I am definitely going to try it maybe over this weekend. I have yet to do any seafood because my husband doesn’t like it. But I will do it for myself when I make something else for him. I know that I am less bloated, so I have probably dropped a few pounds. I see a difference when I look at my face in the mirror. It is not puffy, and as I said my skin is clearer, and it seems that I did maybe drop a pound or two. Probably my favorite thing of all was that I had no desire for any of the Halloween candy that we gave out or that my son brought home! I was very proud. I think eating this way really does stop your cravings for the unhealthy stuff! I am very thankful to have found you and your husband. I really need to do a testimonial for his CD’s also. Both my son and myself have had excellent results with these programs, I have 6 and Think Right Now For Windows. I love to put my own affirmations in the windows program. My son even made his own. I am going to make some that will keep me specifically eating this way. My son has had a real rough year. My husband has been out of work, and it has affected him greatly. I have used Freedom From Depression and Real Self-Esteem (9-13) and also Anger Management. They have helped us both a great deal. I knew the next step was our diets, and your cookbook is going to be the final component to help us turn this thing around!! By the way I am not on any meds, I believe in natural supplementation, but I have been dealing with depression in the last year. I feel that this cookbook will be a much better alternative to depression medications. Not to mention cheaper!

So once again, let me stress how thankful I am to have found you both. You have become my heroes and my new mentors! God bless your family and please keep doing the wonderful things you are doing.

Alison Crawford, FL 


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MY Healthy Coffee Story:  before I started using this product, I was someone who was a health conscious person.  However I was addicted to caffeine, namely in coffee, so I endured problems that are usually associated with regular coffee on a daily basis: nausea, burning stomach, acid indigestion, afternoon 'crashes', jitters,etc.  I had to have my fix of 3 to 4 cups a day.  One of the worst things I experienced was having to have two of those cups in the afternoon to try to stay awake after lunch [afternoon crash].  I always had a craving for a sweet pastry to go with my morning coffees too.  A lot of things were going on at the time but to make a long story short: I tried this coffee that someone introduced to me.  They offered me samples so I agreed to try them and give my honest opinion. 

After one or two days of drinking this coffee, I noticed that I was not experiencing the 'usual' problems of nausea, burning stomach, acid indigestion, jitters--not even a crash in the afternoon.  I decided to buy a couple boxes and keep drinking it.  KEEP READING

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 Thank you for visiting! Please take a moment to learn about bats:

As Bat Conservation International continues our fight against White-nose Syndrome, research being published in the journal Science today predicts the outcome we feared: regional extinctions. The study forecasts that the little brown myotis, until now one of our most common species and one that is often seen roosting in barns, old buildings and attics, could be reduced to barely 1 percent of its current population in northeastern states within two decades.  BCI needs help from bat supporters like me & hopefully, you!

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